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Top 5 Quotes for Decorating the Kitchen

Last week, we explored Top 5 Quotes for Decorating the Bathroom. Now it’s time to discuss which quotes can work well in the kitchen. Quotes can be placed above the range hood, over the kitchen sink, on the fridge, etc. Basically, they can go anywhere as long as they’ll fit in with the rest of your kitchen décor.

Like bathroom quotes, kitchen quotes can be made out of wall decals, prints, chalkboard, painted wood and/or whatever DIY project you can create and have fun with. The quotes themselves are often humorous and/or encouraging and sometimes come from song lyrics. Prayers often make great kitchen quotes as well because they communicate a sense of positivity and family.

The top 5 kitchen quotes are as follows:

You only live once, lick the bowl. This fun and quirky quote looks great on a print with the picture of a bowl. We’ve all been there after mixing up some cake batter. It’s nearly impossible not to clean the bowl after making your cake!

You Only Lick the Bowl Once

Image from EatSayLove on Etsy.

Just roll with it. This humorous quote looks elegant on chalkboard placed on the kitchen counter or hung on a wall. It’s cute and spunky without being overly cheesy or tacky. It’s great for those home cooks who love baking and often use the rolling pin in their kitchen.

Just Roll with It

Image from MyFrenzyDesigns on Etsy.

Eat well, laugh often, love much. This encouraging quote looks great as a wall decal. You can also try your hand at painting it on a piece of tile. This quote will be decorative in your kitchen and remind your family to eat healthy food, love one another and focus on positive thoughts.

Eat Well Laugh Often Love Much

This home runs on love, laughter and lots of strong coffee. Try hanging a copy of this quote near your coffee pot. Alternatively, you can edit the quote to fit whatever your family loves or is interested in.

This Home Runs on Love Laughter and Coffee

Meals and memories are made here. This quote is beautiful in its simplicity. The kitchen is often the “heart of the home” because it’s where we nourish our bodies and come together to spend time with one another. The kitchen is often synonymous with community.

Meals and Memories are Made Here

Which quotes do you see yourself decorating your kitchen with?

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