Superman Bedroom 1

Superhero Interior Design: DC Comics

In Superhero Interior Design: Marvel Comic Books, we explored interior design featuring superheroes from the Marvel universe. Today, we’ll be taking a look at interior design that incorporates heroes from the DC universe. DC Comics is home to names like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Justice League.

Of course, the interior design we found mostly featured the two big super stars of this genre: Batman and Superman.

Batman Bedroom 1

The color palette in this bedroom is dominated by purple and white. The red pillow and red and yellow cubes stand out against this background. The pattern on the bedspread and on the closet is made up of black and white comic book pages. These are a nice touch that reference DC Comics without overpowering the overall design of the room. We also like the sleek metallics used in the industrial shelf above the bed, in the computer desk and in the bed frame. Lastly, it wouldn’t be complete without a vintage image of Batman across the closet.

Batman Bedroom 2

This design definitely says, “I want to live in a Bat Cave!” The message is confirmed by the Batman logo surrounding the flat screen television. Blacks and grays are used throughout, but the room is not completely dark. It is brightened by a tan paint on the ceiling and a brown tile in the bathroom. The clear glass wall between the bedroom and the bathtub is very modern and elegant. Even the bathtub has a TV adjacent to it.

Batman Wall

In this living room, the Batman wall decal is a great addition to the room. It looks like a panel from Batman Hush. The chair has reds that pop out in the outline of the fabric and from the pillow. We also like the elegant side table and the vintage foosball table.

Bedroom DC Covers Wall

Again, we have a bedroom decorated with reds, blues and yellows. In this case, the walls are painted a light blue. This room also includes a large glass window and modern bunk beds. The cabinets are tastefully covered in images of DC comic book covers, including Action Comics, Batman and Superman.

Superman Bedroom 1

This Superman themed bedroom looks like a very chic and fun bedroom for a child. The white walls and white décor create a very clean look. On the back wall, there is a comic book panel featuring Superman saving Lois Lane from falling. The most unique piece in this room is the colored bed and day bed.

Superman Nursery

In this nursery design, a classic light blue is painted on the walls. Superman’s colors appear in the yellow crib sheet, the blue and red quilt and the bear on the changing table. Above the modern black dresser are framed logos of DC Comics’ superheroes, including Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman and Batman. Perhaps a similar version could be recreated for a girl’s nursery, using the logos of Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl.

Which DC Comics’ hero would you design a room around?

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