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Real Interiors of TV Shows

Ever wonder about the houses and/or apartments where the characters in your favorite television shows live? A lot of the exteriors in popular TV shows are actually filmed at real houses! Read on to learn more about where your favorite episodes took place.


Everyone has fun memories of the high jinks that took place in Moncia’s apartment and Joey’s apartment in Friends. The building the friends live in is located at 90 Bedford Street, New York. The apartments would have been much smaller in this building in reality. The orange sofa was taken out of the Warner Brothers Studios basement for filming.

You just fall in love with the use of color in the coffee house and in Ross’ apartment, which was set in a different apartment building. Greg Grande, set designer on the show, really made a splash with these designs that created the setting for this group of young New Yorkers to become friends.

Friends Exterior

The exterior of the apartment building where Monica, Joey and Chandler lived.

Friends Apartment

Monica’s Apartment on Friends

Friends Sofa

The coffee shop where the gang on Friends hung out.

American Horror Story

The “Murder House” on the hit show American Horror Story is much less intimidating in real life. The real life exterior was built by Alfred Rosenheim in 1908. He built the Rosenheim Mansion to be his own personal home. The show dresses up the house and the interiors to look much scarier.

The house measures 10,400 square feet, has three stories, six bedrooms and five bathrooms. The property measures one acre.

The pilot episode of the show was actually filmed inside of the real mansion. The interiors in the other episodes were filmed on a sound stage.

Murder House

This is what the “Murder House” looks like in reality.

Murder House Show

This is how it’s depicted in the pilot episode of the show.

Murder House Interior

This is a photo of the real interior of the mansion.


The Halliwell Manor, where the magical sisters in Charmed live, is a Victorian house. The show takes place in San Francisco, but the exteriors are actually of the Innes House in Los Angeles, California. The house was built for City Councilman Daniel Innes in 1887 and is a historical landmark. The interiors of the house were filmed on a sound stage.

There are lots of little details in this set, including beams and wallpaper on the ceiling of the living room. We love little details, like the unique bookcase and the kitchen clock, pictured below. In the show, the girls were often filmed in the Solarium. The real house measures 2,900 square feet and has 5 bedrooms and one bath.

Halliwell Manor

Charmed Kitchen

Charmed Bookcase

Charmed Attic

We forget to picture the attic where the Book of Spells was kept in the show.


Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment, where Newman and Kramer often caused trouble and gave us lots of laughs over the years, was set in Manhattan. But the actual exteriors were taken in Los Angeles.

Seinfeld Apartment

The show also spent a lot of time at Monk’s Diner. The exterior for Monk’s Diner was actually of Tom’s Restaurant at 2880 Broadway in Morningside Heights in Manhattan, near Columbia University. The restaurant has been owned by a Greek-American family since the 1940s. The restaurant also inspired the song Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega.

Seinfeld Restaurant

What are your favorite interiors from famous TV shows?


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