Loop by LaSelva Studio

Loop is a fun way to hang stuff on the wall. Okay, we know that doesn’t sound like fun at all, but it is with the modern design and interactive component of the wall hook Loop by the Spanish design studio LaSelva.

This small piece of décor comes in a box as thin as 15 mm. This makes it easy to ship and easy to store. LaSelva counts the fun aspect of putting the Loop together towards its overall value. It does actually look pretty fun to receive and put together.

The hook comes in a thin, long box, which includes instructions and the pieces. The Loop is made up of two screws, a small piece of Oak wood and a plastic strip with four holes. The customer opens the box, twists the strip into a Loop and screws it into place along with the piece of wood onto a wall.

The Loop can stand alone or multiple Loops can be placed on a wall for a nice visual effect. The Loop can be installed to the user’s liking, with the loop at the top or the bottom of the piece of wood. The Loop can act as a coat hanger, or a hanger for other objects. Hang your purse, scarf, jacket, headphones, etc. Or, you can put the loop on the bottom and use it to hold a phone that’s plugged into the wall. It’s basically a hook that holds objects on the wall, whether that is a clothes hanger, a booklet, a scarf, headphones, eye glasses or whatever you can fit there.

This wall hook also comes in different variations, including different colors. There are versions which use aluminum strips, copper strips or brass strips. Copper strips come with a concrete piece instead of Oak wood and the brass strips come with a marble piece. The screws are always black.

The Kickstarter for the Loop is going on for 11 more days. Contributors who back at least $200 will receive a special edition Loop with an engraving of the Kickstarter logo and the contributor’s name.

Meanwhile, check out the old timey video on the Kickstarter page. It looks like a short film until a girl hands a guy a box and he begins installing his first Loop. This playful video communicates the playfulness of the Loop nicely.


About LaSelva

LaSelva Studio is operates in Spain and Mexico. This multidisciplinary design studio offers graphic design, print design, web design, product design and furniture design among its services. Its clients include the University of Valencia (spain) and BoConcept (Denmark). LaSelva won the 2013 award for Best Design in Nude Area (Feria Habitat Valencia).

Even though it doesn’t look like much at first, the Loop is highly customizable. Its minimalistic design makes it easy to put together, ship and fun to use.

Loop: A Simple + Small Wall Hook That Holds Anything | Design-Milk

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