Grilled Chicken Bowls

Healthy Lunch Recipes

It feels like we’re always on-the-go in our hectic lives. It can be hard to find the time to prepare lunch for the work week and eating out can get expensive. To help stay busy and healthy, here are five recipes you can take for lunch at work. They’re easily put together in the break room. If you like this food post, don’t forget to check out our article Experimenting with Sangria.

When making lunch for work, you’ll want to use recipes that aren’t overly complicated. Also, you’ll want to end up with a batch of food that you can divide into portions for the rest of the week. Lastly, the food you take with you should be easy to assemble, so you don’t feel like you’re working during your break.

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas with Step by Step Photos

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

Fajitas are perfect for lunch because you can make them in your slow cooker and they can be made with little ingredients. If you don’t have fajita seasoning on hand, you can whip up your own using the spices in your kitchen. Don’t forget the salsa! Scoop some fajitas into plastic containers to take to work with you. Scoop it onto a tortilla, heat up in the microwave and you have a delicious lunch.

Pesto Cheese Pizza

Pesto Pizza

This is a healthier version of pizza, which uses whole wheat crust and pesto in place of pizza sauce. The pesto is homemade with pine nuts, basil, oil, parmesan, garlic, salt and pepper and water. The cheese used is low fat ricotta and mozzarella. This pizza is easy to put together and you can bake it the night before.

Grilled Chicken Veggie Bowls

Grilled Chicken Bowls

Cook this recipe on a Sunday night so you have lunch ready for the rest of the week. You’ll need to cook all of the components separately, including the rice, quinoa, vegetables and chicken. It should take about 90 minutes. Portion each component into plastic containers. Customize this to include your favorite veggies, and use your favorite chicken marinade. Fill each container with one quarter cup of rice and quinoa, one and a half cup of vegetables and one half cup of chicken.

Quinoa Chili

Quinoa Chili

This vegetarian chili is very filling. It’s flavored with green chiles, diced tomatoes, black beans, cilantro, kidney beans and corn kernels. You can make it in a Dutch oven or a large pot. When it’s done, top it with avocado, cheese, sour cream and whatever else you’re feeling like. This chili will taste even better the next day at work.

How to Prep and Freeze Veggie Burgers: A Tutorial

Veggie Burgers 3

Veggie burgers are a great lunch choice for vegetarians and vegans. Also, after eating a veggie burger at work, you won’t feel bloated and sluggish like you might after eating fast food. Double the ingredients in the Our Perfect Veggie Burger recipe from Oh She Glows. Freeze the patties and enjoy them throughout the week. This recipe uses no tofu and gives the burgers a crispy outer shell. It uses a big list of ingredients, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to enjoy a good veggie burger.

What are your favorite lunch recipes?


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