Comic Panels Wall

Superhero Interior Design: Marvel Comic Books

As a follow up to our blog post on Super Hero Interior Design, we would like to further explore how superhero themes can be used in interior design. As we concluded before, no one is too old for superheroes! The great thing about interior design is that you can include your wildest interests into your…

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Top 5 Quotes for Decorating the Living Room

Last time, we looked at the Top 5 Quotes for Decorating the Kitchen. Today we’re moving onto the living room. The living room is often a place where families spend time together and reflect on their day. This makes the living room an optimal place to decorate with quotes in the form of framed prints,…

This Home Runs on Love Laughter and Coffee

Top 5 Quotes for Decorating the Kitchen

Last week, we explored Top 5 Quotes for Decorating the Bathroom. Now it’s time to discuss which quotes can work well in the kitchen. Quotes can be placed above the range hood, over the kitchen sink, on the fridge, etc. Basically, they can go anywhere as long as they’ll fit in with the rest of…

Be your own Beautiful

Top 5 Quotes for Decorating the Bathroom

Quotes make great decorative pieces in the home. The bathroom, kitchen and living room are excellent spots for this type of home décor. Quotes can appear as wall decals, prints, big chunky letters, wallpaper or more. You can even make your own quotable home décor using DIY projects. Check out some of the bathroom quotes…

Coffee Table Coffee Table Book

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books aren’t just for home décor; they also represent your personality and make great ice breaker topics. We’ve stated before that the range hood can become the focal point of the kitchen; remember that the coffee table can become the focal point of your living room. Coffee table subjects range wide and far….

Batman Sci Fi Bedroom Interior Design

Super Hero Interior Design

Incorporating your favorite books and characters into your home should be easy. No one is too old for super heroes. For example, you can add some comic book pop art to your home interiors and let your kids geek out in their rooms. Family rooms, game rooms and where you watch your favorite movies are…

Storage Boxes

Life Hacks for Home Interior Solutions

Are you sick of looking at the router, the wires behind your desk or the color of your refrigerator? Believe it or not, solutions for these problems can all be found in this blog post. The following are some tips and tricks for inexpensively decorating your home and solving design problems you will encounter throughout….

Places to Start Herb Gardens

Herb gardens can be a resourceful and relaxing addition to your home and/or yard. Once you get the hang of growing your own herbs, you’ll never have to drive to the store for fresh herbs again. Remember to water your herbs, make sure they get plenty of sun and don’t plant them too far away…

Tips for Decorating Small Bedrooms

Oftentimes, we have to work with little spaces; renovating structures can be expensive and time consuming. However, there are some tips and tricks for making a smaller bedroom feel bigger and more beautiful, which are executed through décor. Lighting. Natural lighting can do wonderings for a small space. A corner window can also make a…