Adding Pop Art to your Interiors

Using pop art is a sophisticated and stylish choice while decorating a room. Pop art uses fun colors and images to make bold statements and strong visual aesthetics in interior design.


Pop art is an artistic movement, which took place in the 1950s. Pop art uses bold, contrasting colors and images from popular culture. For example, Andy Warhol was a well-known and respected artist that popularized images like the Campbell’s soup can and a portrait of Marilyn Monroe in contrasting colors.

pop art interior ideas

Images from popular culture that are often used in pop art include portraits of celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, logos from ads and products and panels from comic books. The result is a vintage and timeless look. The connection to pop art lead to the name of the movement (“popular art”).

To create aesthetically pleasing pop art in your own home, you can hang artwork, such as a Roy Lichtenstein painting or a painting with Ben-Day dots. You can also look for retro posters, 1960s images and antique logos.

When it comes to pop art, let go of any shyness when it comes to color. To create the pop art look, you need to pick colors that pop out at a person and that contrast with one another. You can throw in a few neutral colors as well. In general, use very dark blacks and very bright colors.

You can incorporate pop art in any room of the house, including the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. You can decorate the entire room in wild colors or just add an accent, like a popular painting or a kitschy piece of art. Also consider wallpapers that make a big impact.

Another defining aspect of pop art in interior design is minimalism. Pieces in pop art usually focus on one solitary image rendered in funky colors. Also, try including retro furniture in your pop art room. Play with designs, textures and patterns that will compliment the space and your pop art pieces as well.

Make Your Own Pop Art Pet Portrait, by Mandi Johnson, from A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make a pop art portrait of your pet. This is an example of the distinct style we’ve been discussing. This project uses pop art in a more personal way to give a room even more personality. It’s also a fun way to honor your furry family member.

Good luck creating pop art in your home! Let the work of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg inspire you. Most of all, be brave in your choices and showcase the strong aspects of your design personality.


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