5 Tips for Pantry Organization

An organized pantry means less clutter in the kitchen. Your pantry may be a single cabinet in your kitchen or a walk-in closet. Some kitchens do not have a pantry, but you may be able to purpose another space for a pantry, or add a piece of furniture to use as a pantry. With more pantry space and DIY Kitchen Projects, you can store more food and supplies and make your kitchen more functional. The following 5 projects should help you accomplish this:

  • Plastic Containers – Plastic containers are an easy way to keep things organized. Throw everything into its own dedicated container. These can be stored in an orderly manner because they stack on top of each other. Additionally, because they are see-through, you can tell what you need more of by looking in the pantry before going to the store. You can also repurpose containers from store bought items for pantry storage.


Stock Piling Moms shows how you can turn Coffeemate containers into storage for snacks:


  • DIY Lazy Susan: Make the most out of the corners of your shelves with a DIY lazy susan project, like the one from Decorchick. Emily installed carousels on each shelf in the corner of her pantry, so she can swivel the shelf around and to get to more items.

lazy susan

  • Behind the door storage –Behind the pantry door is another space that is usually goes unused. Make the most of all of your kitchen storage space! You can reclaim a shoe organizer and hang it on the back of the pantry door for storing small items. You can also turn the back of a pantry door into a measuring cup organizer with a handy conversion chart. Alternatively, make a magnet board and store spice tins on the back of the door.
  • DIY Reclaimed Pantry – If there just isn’t enough built-in space in your kitchen for a fully functional pantry, you can reclaim an old piece of furniture or upcycle an armoire from the thrift store for this purpose. You can use it as is, sand it and repaint it or sand it to give it a rustic look.

upcycled pantry

  • Racks to Store Cans – This project from Family Handy Man shows how closet organizer racks can be attached inside of a cabinet or a pantry for storing canned goods. This makes the canned goods easier to see than when they are stacked in the back of a shelf.

can rack

Use these projects to free up room in the pantry by adding additional storage to the kitchen. As mentioned above, if your kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, you can use other areas to store food. Consider putting together a roll out pantry or purchasing a rolling kitchen cart to meet your storage needs. Having a well stocked pantry that is organized will make using your kitchen much more enjoyable and will reduce headaches while cooking.

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