Egg Thumbtack

15 More Kitchen Hacks

These simple tips and tricks will make cooking easier and go more smoothly. Work smarter, not harder. This blog is the sequel to our previous post 15 Kitchen Hacks. We hope you learn your new favorite life pro tips in the following list.

Hard Boiled Eggs

To make a perfectly cooked hardboiled egg, poke a thumbtack through the wide side of each raw egg. Just push it enough to poke through the shell. Once the eggs are done, the shell will come off easily.

Egg Thumbtack

Counter Space          

Don’t have enough counter space for food preparation? Pull out a drawer and place your cutting board on top of it. Viola! You know have a second pull out cutting board and more room to work.

Lemon Ice Cubes

Put slices of lemon and water in a cupcake or muffin tray and freeze it. You now have ice cubes that will chill your water and make it tasty. Try adding it to iced tea as well.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Don’t throw out the last of the coffee. Make coffee ice cubes so you can have iced coffee next time.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Keep Cookies Fresh

Throw a slice of bread into the bag of cookies to extend their freshness. This also works to keep brown sugar soft.

Homemade Taco Shells

Leave tortillas on the rack in the oven with the ends sticking out. They will toast into a taco shape.

Homemade Chocolate Bowl

Dip the bottom of a small balloon in chocolate, let the chocolate solidify and pop the balloon. Enjoy the edible chocolate bowl with ice cream or another favorite treat.

Cooking with Wooden Spoons

Stick the end of your wooden spoon into the hole in the pot handle. It becomes an instant spoon holder. Alternatively, leave a wooden spoon sitting across a pot of boiling water to stop the water from boiling over and making a mess.

Non-Stick Grill

Make a bed of lemon slices on the grill and lay fish on top of it. The fish will cook without sticking to the grill, and the fish will absorb the taste of the lemons.

Pit-less Cherries

Use a chopstick or a straw to push out the pit of a cherry. You can do the same with strawberries to remove the stem.

Pitless Cherry

Cut French Bread

Turn the French bread upside down, so the soft side is on the counter. This makes cutting slices of bread easier.

The Correct Way to Eat a Cupcake

Take the bottom half of the cake portion and put it on top of the icing. You now have a cupcake sandwich with even distribution of cake and frosting, and it’s easier to eat.

Eggless Cookies

Are you craving cookies, but you’re sad to find out you ran out of eggs? You can use half a banana in the place of each egg that the recipe calls for.

Pumpkin Cooler

Cut off the top of a pumpkin and hallow it out, so you are left with a bowl shape. You can place a bowl inside of the pumpkin to create a liner. Add ice and drinks to the bowl. You now have a pretty refreshment station.

Pumpkin Coolers

Shuck Corn

Want some corn to accompany your dinner, but you don’t like dealing with the hairy mess? Cut one inch off the end of the stalk. Microwave it for three minutes. Shake and squeeze until the husk comes off. It should come off completely clean.

Now use the time you saved to tackle those dishes!

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